Teaching Dynamo

you have been an guiding force for me. if at all iam comfortable with dynamo to interpret its becoz of your youtube channel. Thanks. Will soon share my contents.

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Glad to hear I have been able to help! Keep up the learning journey :slight_smile:

My relation with Dynamo was also on/off when I began for about 3 months or so. It takes a while for it to make sense, so keep at it. Once it 'click’s, it’s all smooth sailing from there.


So very well said and so very, very true.

Once you learn the concepts just about anything is possible though. :slight_smile:


I use dynamo a lot, mostly for moving data between dynamo and excel, doing quality checks on the model, automating information shared between elements, synchronizing elements shared by multiple models, renaming anything in bulk, rehosting elements to levels, rule-based data-generation, and just generally extending revit functionality as needed.

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