Tagging revision clouds of a particular revision

Just looking to tag ALL revision clouds in the file that are on a particular revision. I have all the clouds (elements) selected and in a flattened list, but cannot place a tag on them. Any ideas?

Can you show the errors? :slight_smile:


All Elements in view would give you the visable Revision Clouds
Maybe tagging an invisible object won’t work
Or an issued one

-just a side thought-

I created a new file and place several clouds in plan view on 2 different revisions. At this point, I’m just trying to get ANY revisions to tag. None are issued and all are visible. I can filter out the ones I want. It’s the tagging nodes that I’m having trouble with.

EDIT: I’ll also add that the tagging nodes were probably designed for tagging model elements (able to be tagged in multiple views), which behave a bit differently than revisions (only appear in the view or sheet they were placed in). It could be that they don’t work with revision tags.

Watch your data types, and focus on the stuff feeding into the first node which threw an error.

In this case, you’ve overlooked that revision clouds are not loadable families, but system families, so the FamilyInstance.Location won’t work. Also, like floors, the are sketch based not point based so they don’t have a location as you’d expect from a GetLocation node. Instead, you’ll want to get the actual geometry using an Element.Geometry node. That should fix the first issue with the null location, but you won’t have a point, but a series of arcs so it won’t help the Tag.ByElementAndLocation node. Onto the next problem…

We’ll want to get one curve from each revision, so I grabbed the first one with a List.GetFirstItem node using longest lacing. This will be a single arc for each revision. Still not a point, but a curve.PointAtParameter node will resolve that. I went with parameter 0.5 so I’d be tagging the part furthest from the mess of revision tag, but use what works for you. Ok, now we have a point.

Wire that into the location value for the Tag.ByElementAndLocation node and you should get results. You will have to play with your lacing and list levels for each (I’m guessing @L1 for view, @L2 for Element, @L2 for Location, and @Level 1 for Horizontal with Longest Lacing).


I have a working script that will tag all the revisions in an active view. I am trying to modify it to tag all the revision bubbles of a certain revision. I am able to pull all the revisions, but I can’t seem to get FilterByBoolMask to work. Can someone clue me to what I’m missing? I’ve tried a code block, a string, and a number. I’m assuming I’m not calling out the parameter type correctly, but what else can it be other than an integer or string?

Annotations-Place Rev Tags-AllViews_script.dyn (62.5 KB)

Thanks to @Aaron_Maller and Parallax for putting the original script together.