Revision Tag - Get Label Value

HI all,
I have been messing with this for a little while now and it has stumped me (granted my Dynamo skills are not top shelf)
We have a Revision Cloud Tag which uses a Label in that tag for the users to add instance comments about each revision tag.
I can get all of the default stuff from the Revision Tags (Date, Description, Revision Number), however I want to get the content from the Labels in the tags, but i cant see it anywhere.
I’m not too sure, but the Labels don’t seem to be accessible, Is this correct?

I’d suggest to get the revisions instead.

Grab the revision comments there.

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That seemed to work, which is great, Thanks.

My next task is this.
I need to find all of the Sheets in the model which have these revisions added to them and then extract the “Drawn By” field from the sheet information.
This Drawn By information then needs to be included in the exported data for each line item.
For example,

Sheet 001 might have Rev A, B, C (Sheet Drawn By is XX)
Sheet 002 might have Rev A, B (Sheet Drawn By is XX)
Sheet 003 might have Rev A,B,C,D (Sheet Drawn By is YY)

I have managed to get the sheet number from the Rev Cloud data and I have filtered the Sheet numbers by this, which should mean I have a list of sheets with the relevant revisions
I just need to fins a way to get the Drawn By information for these sheets and align this with the multiple sheets.