Place Revision Cloud in view (by point)

Hi everyone?
I’m wondering if it is possible to place revision cloud in view or sheet with point ? My desire is to automatically mark all the elements which are adjusted. I’ve found out a temporary solution with annotation cloud symbol btw it is very inconvenient because sometimes i need to change the cloud boundary line to fit the element shape.
Anyone have solution with revision cloud?

Thanks a lot

Please share what you have done so far

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Could get a bounding box of the changed element and project it onto the view plane. If you post what you have the community will be able to help direct how something like that (or something even better) could be done.

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@truongbaolam0209, you could try this workflow to place revision cloud by point:

You’ll need to specify the view, point (element location), cloud dimensions (width & height) and revision.
See the *.dyn file attached.Revision cloud by point.dyn (22.6 KB)

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@zhukoven you’re the man, it is awesome actually
btw now the cloud is reverse like this. Do you know how to solve ?

@truongbaolam0209, insert the “curve.reverse” node like this:

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@truongbaolam0209, you’re welcome :grinning:

thanks @JacobSmall
The idea about bounding box to define the cloud shape is brilliant

is it possible to place the revision cloud on sheet, instead of the view itself.


@fady100793, unfortunately Revit does not treat sheets as views: these are the viewsheet elements. And as far as I know, viewsheet does not support revision clouds through the API.

However, you can set specific revision on sheet with Dynamo, using Archi-lab package:

This node changes “Revisions on sheet” options in the sheet properties: