Revision Cloud one click

Does anyone know if you have the ability to create a dynamo command that opens up the revision cloud command you place the cloud then it auto-tags it. And oh hell lets be creative then opens up a comments dialogue box.

It just seems silly to do three steps and multiple clicking around.

  1. first create your revision cloud.
  2. tag the cloud
  3. select the cloud and in the properties block type in your comments

your answer might be WTF your asking to much lol
Thanks in advance



keeps having an error. So to make sure I am doing this correct.
Step 1 create a revision cloud (using the built-in revision cloud tool)
Step 2 select the dynamo script
Step 3 select the cloud (is this set to is input in dynamo)
Step 3 type in the comments on the popups

Looks like I keep getting Null out of the RevisionCloud.FromElements Sorry to be a pain but I am struggling with this. Messed around with it for a few hours before I asked for help lol

Thanks in advance

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It looks like @SeanP is doing the clouding for you as well here. The Select Model Elements node is for selecting the elements you want to cloud. If you want to cloud yourself, you would send the Select Model Elements output (with the cloud selected) straight into the SetParameterByName node.

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Correct Sean did exactly what I wanted But I think I am having an error with the steps. am I not selecting something correctly. because I keep getting the error.

What elements are you selecting?

Yes, as @Nick_Boyts mentioned, I was using the section to make the revision cloud so you didn’t have to create it first, then use the Player. If you want to create the cloud yourself, then yes remove the RevisionCloud.FromSelection node (and remove Select Revision, Document Current, and Document.ActiveView) and plug the Select Model Elements directly into the SetParameterByName node.

You need to select model elements like walls, rooms, doors etc. The node will CREATE a revision cloud for you, then use it for the rest of the information.

So i do need to set the two nodes as as input to get it to select the elements, and the correct revision (If there is multiple Revision Cloud.dyn (35.1 KB)

Red = Select elements
Blue = Select revision

You would run this graph once for each cloud.

Maybe my Dynamo node is having issues because I still get errors

Post a screenshot with node previews so we can see what’s going on. Otherwise we’re just guessing.

And what the error messages say please.

first error
Warning: Internal error, please report: Dereferencing a non-pointer.
Second Error
Warning: Tag.ByElement operation failed.

Like i said it keeps getting Null on the revision cloud from element.

Try to do it with just a single wall. It appears that there is something in your selection that isn’t creating a Revision.

still the same error. it does it with 1 wall, and even tried it on 1 toilet because this error is crappy lol. (sorry couldn’t resist)

going to uninstall dynamo and reinstall with updated plugins and see if this fixes the problem

Hello @jarod.tulanowski
which version of Dynamo and Revit are you using ?

using now (since I downgraded my dynamo Version 2.04 was at 2.08) and revit 2019

we own 2021 but dont want to upgrade the team till all the subs are upgraded

Ugh it just got worse I just loaded a default revit template file in Revit 2021 not 2019 and ran the script streight from dynamo and I will be damned if it didnt do the same thing. what am i doing wrong.

  1. in dynamo i click the select node and select a few elements. (walls)
  2. I check that is is looking at the correct revision (only one in the template)
  3. run the command and the UI popup promts me for a comment
  4. type the comment and hit the assign button then the error appears in dynamo