Tagging Fire Dampers

Hello everyone,
I have an issue with tagging fire dampers if anybody can help, that would be appreciated. The script is ruing fine. the issue is when I add ducts to the model and run the script again, it tags the newly created dampers and untags the dampers that are created in the first script run. The script filters out the ducts that already have fire dampers in them.
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OOTB nodes like Tag.ByElementAndOffset have Element binding.
You can close the graph after the first creation of tag and re-open the graph for the second run.
Or you can use Dynamo Player.
Or you can use a custom node in python like Create Annotation Tag.

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how can i close and open the graph though?

Just close without saving the graph and open it again.

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it works. thank you

What does your actual Tag node look like :sunglasses:?