Creating Tag Node

Hello everyone,
can anybody help me find out why creating tag node didn’t work?

Hi @Simo,

What is the family Fire Damper Round Standard ? A tag or a fire damper ?
Can you see the preview under the elements ?

Looks like you might not be feeding it a tag family.

@Alban_de_Chasteigner beat me to it! LOL

it’s damper family element

It needs to be an annotation element. You’re placing a tag, not an element.

yes - you are right, but still doesn’t work even after I loaded it

Can you try to link the Flatten output" Fittings" of “MepFittingsBypointandcurve” node to the Input “Elements” of Create Annotation Tag ?
Actually you’re feeding Element type in create annotation Tag.

still didn’t work though

Can you tag manually your dampers ?
The message “There is no loaded tag type” says it isn’t possible to find a tag for the family.

Its works well for me.

You are right. I can’t tag fire dampers even if their tag type is loaded. I need to check that out and see