Placing tags on new detail elements

I am at the end of my wits. Using several approaches, I can always place, but cannot reliably locate tags over a series of detail components. The tags all bunch up above the first component, ignoring the the X values…, but on second run it sometimes works, and then again it stops working with a different input. I suspect it has to do with order of execution or Revit transaction time, but don’t know how to control it better.

Using Dynamo 2, Revit 2018.3, Clockwork and Rhytm

@BalazsTrojak please post your dyn and dummy revit file

I cannot share the file, but you can see the inputs X values are being ignored on the image. I created a simplified version using save-as and stripping 90% of nodes, so everything else is the same and that one works: Unpredictable behaviour - Input nodes. Input elements are on view “Level 0”

If my suspicion is correct (Tag creation is “ahead” of the coordinates being received) how would I go about controlling this?