Tag Disappears After Second Run

Looking for alternative node or could this be a phyton script (tag.ByElement) or a way to work this graph without closing and opening the graph again and again?

I’ve read something about DStype to true or false, but im not sure how does that work…

Thanks in Advance.

Can you run this via the player instead of through dynamo directly?

Uhmn I don’t have player,I’m using Revit 2016 :cry:

Hi @interactiverendering

DSType method is used when your creating python script. You can use Archi-lab custom node for tagging. It will tag without disappearing after second run.

Thank you very much @Kulkul

Just one more thing what does the 0.5 value mean in the “param” input?

It means Point Center of Curve/Line.

now im getting an error

In my example above i have used walls. So it will not work for all the elements. Could you show us watch node for Element.GetLocation.

Since your already getting Point from “Element.GetLocation” you can just feed directly to TagLocations. TagLocation input requires points.

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