Tag All Rooms in multiple floorplan views

Hi guys, I find it hard to find a topic about tagging all rooms in multiple views. I have used the Orchid Tag.ByElement node, but it seems like I does not support Room elements.

Is that what the error says? You may have unplaced rooms in your project.

No sorry “Operation failed, Type is Not Valid”

It was possible to tag doors, in one view, so I think the room tag is not the same as all other elements.

Problem solved!! Room tags has the SpatialElementTag class. Orchid has this as well

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Wasn’t aware. Well done.

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I have to open this post again, because when If I try to tag multiple views, it will freeze.

I tried with only 2 views and it worked, but it was very slow. Any suggestions how I can “light” it up?

Can you show your graph (with node previews) to make sure there aren’t any list structure issues? Also, how many rooms do you have in your project? It could just be a lot to tag.

936 rooms, so quite many rooms. TagAllRooms.dyn (25.0 KB)


I don’t know the Orchid node but here is another way to quickly tag your 225 rooms.

TagAllRooms V2.dyn (16.6 KB)


Thanks @Alban_de_Chasteigner ! It took like 5 seconds to tag 936 rooms!

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