Tag all rooms in all or selected views from linked architect model

I am trying to get a script working that will tag all rooms from a linked architect model in all views. I would eventually like to change the script to allow the users to select the desired views for the tagging to be done on but one step at a time.

My current issue is that the annotation tag node says it has created the tags and if I search by element ID in the revit model, it says it exists however, I cannot view or see the tag anywhere. When I try to select host, no room is selected (as if the room tag is not actually attached to the room).

I am wondering if the coordinates of the rooms from the linked model are not lined up with the model. I would like to one day to turn this into a revit plugin instead of a dynamo script. Please see a screenshot of the workflow below:

hi @Paul_Vandenberk ,

I snoop via linkedElement.Location…



Hello @Draxl_Andreas,

When I use a similar node the x,y,z coordinates come out the same as what is output from Element.Location+. Both result in the tags not appearing on the views.

Is anyone able to help further with this?

This logic should work…

host model.rvt (1.4 MB)
linked model.rvt (1.4 MB)
script for tag link rooms.dyn (23.7 KB)


@GavinCrump Thank you. I will try this later this week but use a node to gather all views and try it. Will get back to you with my results.

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@GavinCrump It looks to work. I need to put in some additional filtering to ensure the number of coordinates matches with the number of rooms but so far so good. I did notice that the x, y, z point values from the coordinate transformation matched the output from the element.location+ node. Not really why this solution works and my original didn’t. Wondering if it was the Create Annotation Tag node? Interested in hearing other people’s theories as to what was causing the issue in the original code setup.