Batch Creation of Room tags in all views

Here is a link to download the scripts:

Hi @sebastianjust.jensen Im going to try that route also and see if it hepls. Any suggestions on how I would get all the rooms per view?

Did you ever get this to work? I am attempting the same thing and I am getting blue dots as well

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Any resolution for this? I am facing the same issue!

Hi Tania,

Yes I did get a script to finally work. The blue dots represent the center of the room logically and are only temporarily, The reason I found the room tags did not show up is that I was not getting the global transform from the link model and making sure the location of the room tags had the transform taken into account. Sorry I don’t have my scripts available right this moment, but if you need to see an example let me know and I will punch it up tomorrow for you.

Thank you Steve, it would be amazing if you could share an example for this. I am glad that at least these cheeky room tags led me to this amazing forum!

Hi @SteveG ,
Can you please share your final script.
I tried all the solutions that i found in different forums.
Nothing worked
We have to tag 12 models and 7 levels in each one of them.
So this solution wil save our lives!!
Thanks a lot.


What difficulties did you encounter ?

Example :

Here the pictures of what i get with this script.
Thanks a lot.

If you’re using Revit 2017 or earlier, use the Create Annotation Tag (Multi-Category) node.

If this is not the case, create a new topic and add a test file.

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I’m sorry to insist but it’s not working.
Please see below the pictures.
Yes i’m using revit 2017.2
here i tried to test with a small model (only 14 rooms) as linked model.
Best regards;ART-annotations pièces2.dyn (21.2 KB)

The node works as expected, regardless of the language used by Revit.
If you are using an older version of the package, update it.

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I think you are only getting the room locations which is different than the xyz location from the link, you have to use the transform coordinates to get the correct locations. Those blue dots mean the tags are being created just not in the correct location, so they are off the view to say. Get the transform from the link then apply that to the tag locations and you should be good to go. Thats the same issue that threw me for a loop for a while!

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Attached is my final script, please note that we don’t use this anymore as I coded a Revit add-in for various reasons so some packages/nodes may need to be updated. Hope it helps y’all!

2 - Create all Room Tags.dyn (55.9 KB)


2 - Create all Room Tags.dyn (55.9 KB)

Alban, your using a super simplistic use case. In several cases Ive found that the Links coordinates are different than the instance of the link in your model; The link may also be moved to locations in a model; Links may also be duplicated hundreds of times (such as a unit in a multifamily dwelling building) thus requiring you to get the transform location of each Link instance. Hope that helps!

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SteveG, I took a look at your script. Have you considered hard coding the “rooms” category and the “Viewplan” element types? Use a code block “Rooms” and then the “Category.ByName” node in lieu of the “Categories” node. then you dont have to worry about the default value changing.

Hi Micthell - Thats great feedback thanks for that! I dont know Dynamo very well, more a coder personally :slight_smile: always great to learn something new!

@SteveG Hi Steve, I downloaded your script but do not see a transformation function or node in it. Do you mind elaborating a bit more?

Has anyone been able to get this fully working? I feel like I am so close but so far. I see tag elements being generated just unable to actually see them in any view in the Revit model.