Tagging all Rooms, Doors and Windows in all Plan view, Sections and Elevation

Please I want to tag all the Rooms, Doors, and Windows in all the floor plan views, elevations and sections in revit. I then decided to create a dynamo graph which I can be using in the rest of my working drawings.
However I am stuck somewhere and I would like you to help me out. I’m stuck at the node named as “Create Annotation Tag”. I dont know exactly what I have to slot into the input, “TagLocations”. Any other correction required to be done on my graph in highly welcome.

I have attached a screenshot of the graph I created
Thank you.


So, you need Points to be the locations…

Personally I would get each category working in a simple test file and up the complexity.

Obviously it’s easy enough to get a room location and place a tag there, but you’ll presumably need a different strategy for windows in sections…

Managing lists will get tricky… I guess you need a point for every family in every view?
Say you get a null somewhere you need to keep all the lists constant. You are returning all rooms, even unplaced ones. All windows, even those on legend sheets…etc.

Let us know how you get on :slight_smile:


Thanks for the contribution @Mark.Ackerley. I will give a feedback on however it goes as well.

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Hi Makarf,

any luck with this?
I managed to tag in plans, but vertical views are still a problem…




Thank you