Tag all in view - bugged points

hey guys

im new at dynamo and trying a tag all in view workflow.

in the first moment, it worked out great and put all the tags on right elements and category, but, as nothing is perfect, a blue point appears on every element tagged and i cant delete it. this blue point keep showing on my prints… HELP ME PLEASE. im leaving here my dynamo rottine, my shared parametters file, a family with the parameters, a tag and a print from my atual project. THANK YOU

TAG ALL IN VIEW.dyn (73.7 KB) FIXAÇÃO TIPO B1 - TUBULAÇÃO DE ENTRADA DO AFLUENTE - PEAD.rfa (564 KB) CNST_GEN_1.rfa (296 KB) Parametros_Consult.txt (2.3 KB)

Those blue points are the geometry preview of the geometry from Dynamo. If you close Dynamo before you print they should disappear.

dynamo closed. dont seems to disapear =(

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Close and reopen the RVT. Alternatively in Dynamo you can disable geometry preview on the nodes which contain the points.

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with dynamo player worked fine