Tag.ByElementAndOffset Operation Failed Error

Still having this problem…
I’m attempting to place a single tag. I doesn’t work and I get an error (see image). Any help?


Do you have an appropriate tag loaded?

Yes and it’s current. They actually did insert but out in space. I need to adjust my offset. However I still don’t know why I’m getting the error. Any ideas? BTW you’ve been extremely helpful. Thank you!

Could be because you’re offsetting your tag but not applying a leader.

Hmmm… set the offset but that didn’t help. Doesn’t seem to effect it. Seems to work anyway. BTW do you know what these blue dots are that appear after the graph has run? They stay when I close Dynamo but go away if I close Revit.


That’s the dynamo preview. I assume it’s the points for your tag placement.You can turn them off under View > Background 3D Preview > Available Previews > Revit Background Preview if they bug you.

Perfect. One last thing for this thread and I’ll close it… The error didn’t bother me until I saw it in the player. Users will be asking me about it every time it’s used. Like to get rid of it after all. Any more ideas?

Does that mean they don’t appear when reopening Revit? Because I guess it only makes sense you don’t see them when Revit isn’t opened.

go away if I close and reopen Revit.