Crptic error: getting all door tags

For what might be the simplest Dynamo graph ever, does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this ?
It works fine for a test or the Autodesk sample models, but as you might expect, fails on my project file…


thank you

Hi @Andrew_Hannell
Which dynamo version your using?

Hi Kulkul



Try going the other way around: all elements of type/family.

I had the same issue with 1.3 I believe, but it worked in 2.0. I was wondering if it was due to a change in how those nodes function with 2.0 but maybe not if you have it working in other models.

Hi Kulkul, Jacob & Nick

thanks for the replies

Using the All Elements of Family Type does not work either- I get an empty list, although there are instances of this tag in the project. This approach does work on other tags, but for some reason, not this tag…


Any chance you have versions of the tag inside a legen view?

Hi Jacob

No I don’t (but I don’t think I could put a door tag in a legend view anyway ?)

I played around with it a little more- if I delete all instance of the tags in the project, then ‘tag all’ in particular views it is fine. It would be great to identify where the culprits are.

The only problem is that I have around half a day of work in retagging doors- the automatic placement of tags is not right & there are a lot of doors.,…
I’ve also noticed that ‘tag all’ tags some doors which are hidden and does not tag some doors which are not hidden…!

I’ll just have to file this in my big, fat file of ‘unexplained Revit mysteries’


@Andrew_Hannell - if you can post (or Direct message me since it’s likely an active customer project) a version of the model with all the tags in it I’ll try to take a look into the what/why this evening.

Hi Andrew, I am experiencing the same issue. Have you found a solution? I haven’t tried any of the newer builds yet but I assume it may be fixed there.


Sorry, I didn’t.
(although I appreciated Jacob’s offer, I wasn’t able to send him the model since it was a confidential tender for a government project)