Sweep Doesn't follow the path

Hii Guys,
I’m trying to create stair railing as shown in image below using dynamo

the problem that highlighted curves in railing path couldn’t be applied by ordinary railing tool in Revit
So I’m trying to create sweep along path as shown but the sweep result doesn’t follow the path in right way, also i don’t know how to create the a/m curves in railing path, could anyone help please ??

Maybe this helps.

Thanks a lot for your responding but still can’t get the point

I’ve tried to use the same way that was used in video but i have got a bad result as shown below

The dynamo code and the test project (using Revit 2019) are attached
Home2.dyn (34.9 KB)
Railing test.rvt (1.4 MB)
Please any help @Marcel_Rijsmus , @Alban_de_Chasteigner @Kulkul

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Thanks alot @Kulkul. Now, I’m trying to create a mass with the geometry we have created, but i get non editable mass, is there any way to make it editable and to be clear without meshes as shown below

Use springs Family.InstanceByGeometry custom node.

Thanks a lot, but could you suggest what is the best family category that would be used for performing such a geometry

Generic Model Category.

what package contains “Point.SortByCoordinateXYZ” ?

It’s from " Chynamo " Package

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