Create Generic Model Sweep With a Section Profile and Path With Dynamo

I’m trying to create a sweep with a section profile and a path through Dynamo. I have imported the dwg curves and exploded them. Then, used select model elements to select both the profile and path separately, plugged them into an element curve, and plugged that into a curve sweep as solid. The geometry is sweeping in different directions though. Any suggestions on how to solve this??


What does the error say? It will usually point you in the right direction.

As to how to solve the sweeping direction, checking the direction can help and you can reverse as needed. If you want to automate it, might take a bit.

This is what the error says:

Warning: Curve.SweepAsSolid operation failed.
Unable to update solid by sweep : PATH_TANGENT – Path Curve tangential to the sweep profile.

Is there a way to make them all go the same direction without looking at each one individually and reversing as needed?