Sweep along a path


I have a trouble with solid.bysweep nodes, because doesn’t recognized the paths and it generate a random solids , I don’t know why

I’m sure you’ll find the answer somewhere in the previous threads in the Forum. this issue has been discussed a lot.
Please drop your dyn. file if you need some support.

Have a look at this.

Mohammadz thanks for your answer,
but I’ve tried everythings, and doesn’t work.

Please upload your dyn. file at least so we can help

Rvt. file please. man please provide all necessary information for us to provide help !

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any news? :slight_smile:

I’m sorry @alessandro_mambrin it was a bit tedious to go through your graph completely ( its large & has some unnecessary nodes and i think needs a bit list management ). it was hard to figure out your end goal behind this approach. if you sketch that or explain whats your end goal it would be easier to help.

one more thing. i am 100% sure that what you are trying to achieve can be completely modeled in the Massing environment in Revit. if you need any guidance in that i can help.

is not unnecessary it’s a procedure that i need to follow , but forget it, one time i have found the nurbs curves i need to do a sweep with a profile and this curves, but doesn’t works ( see the first images ) .

yes i know that i can model it in revit but there are hundred of lines.

anyway thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Hi @alessandro_mambrin
aren’t you working on the doha subway project by any chance ? :joy:
As @Mohammadz said it’s really hard to quickly wrap one’s head around your script. You should narrow it down to a couple of curves / profiles to figure out the concept. I’m sure we’ll be able to help you better if you do that.

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hi @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi
I do not know what you’re talking about :joy:

ok this is the simplify script, the goal is to make the sweep ! thats it :slight_smile:example.dyn (64.5 KB)

and this is rvt file.

you have to select the 2 nurbs curveexample.rfa (532 KB)

There are two main reasons why it doesn’t work

  • That polycurve from profile family node doesn’t seem to work with your profile family
  • You try to use a Revit model curve with the Solid.BySweep node when that nodes expects dynamo curves

Here is one of the many ways you could accomplish your task (I created a generic C profile in dynamo just for the purpose of this example) :

You could use the Transform function to position your profile on each one of your curves. This even allows to rotate the profile following your surface (which I think you want ;)). Here’s the modified file.

The issue with the polycurve from profile family should be adressed in another thread.

Good luck to you ! :slight_smile:example - modified.dyn (68.2 KB)

thanks @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi,

about the profile i hope to resolve , but about the sweep , why i don’t see the solid? and then are the solids “baked”?(sorry for this grasshopper word) :wink:

@alessandro_mambrin I think you don’t see the solids because of the units. It seems that your revit file is in mm , so the profile I generated by coordinates appears really tiny.

To “bake” geometry in the family space I can only recommand Spring nodes’ excellent Springs.Form.ByGeometry.

thanks @alessandro_mambrin

it’s a great solution, i hope to find a way to insert the profile.

thank you again

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@alessandro_mambrin Why are you thanking yourself. You should thank to @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi

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ahahahahahahhaha sorry

thanks @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi

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