Sweep as solid (Self-intersecting curve problem)



I Want to do a railing like which has self intersecting paths but unfortunately i was unable to finish it the way i started in the Generic Adaptive family, so i decided to use Dynamo but i get the same Self intersecting error in both the attempt (Family and Dynamo).


This is happening because the shape you’re trying to make has a profile curve which bumps into a previously created part of the sweep. Neither of the geometry engines you have tried (Revit, Dynamo) allow for this type of condition.

Imagine taking a tube of toothpaste (or frosting) and squeezing it out along a path on a table. A straight line gets a consistent shape. Most curves goes fine too. You could draw the letter n. Or o. Or e. But if you try to draw a figure 8 the overlap in the middle gets messed up where the toothpaste would have to pass through the toothpaste in order to stay flat on the table.

After cleaning up the mess of toothpaste, you can make such a shape but you’ll have to use multiple surface segments, splitting the path along the point of intersection and/or locating the path on the inside face of the acute angles.


I too tried splitting the path but the path i’m using is completely spline, i face other issues when i try to split at all the intersections.

is there any other way to do it?


Splitting the shapes is likely the way to go. I’ve modeled a Klein bottle recently in this manor so your shape is certainly doable.

Find the points where the path curves overlap, get the parameter each point is along the intersecting distance, and split everything at the T value prameterized to the curve.