Creating a path from a sereis of model lines

I’m trying to create a path from a series of model lines already in the model. Is there a quick way to create 1curve to feed the sweep node?

I was thinking of finding Start & End to create the curves in order, I wonder if there’s not a better way



If you’re selecting the curves manually…

I tried that but couldnt get the sweep to follow it :frowning:

Thank you, i was missing the PolyCurve.ByJoinedCurves part :slight_smile:

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This work great, but how do you retain the sweep in revit, as soon as I close dynamo the sweep is no longer there???

You seem to be referring to the (blue) Revit Preview of Dynamo geometry which is usually visible when the option is checked in the View settings (on, by default). This preview is active only as long as Dynamo is open. To convert this geometry to a Revit object, you could use ImportInstance.ByGeometry or DirectShape.ByGeometry

Hi, No I was not reffering to the grid , just the fact that there was no Revit element when run complete and dynamo was shut, Thank you for contacting me with the help, I will try this and hope it will insert the sweep into Revit

many thanks again