Swap linked Room tags from Host model

Swap out the linked Room Tag Family with our in-house Room tag family. I can get the swapping of these to work in the host model without issues. Its only when I try to change them in the linked model while in the host model, do things start yelling at me.

I am aware of all the ways to tag from the host. The question is more of a proof of concept…
Can I swap a family in a linked model from the host?

Thank you for any insights.

You need to open linked model in Revit in order to edit it. Same rules apply to Dynamo

Are you suggesting Opening a document from inside Dynamo?

I’m suggesting that you should close your project or unload the linked model, then edit it and finally load it back.
You can also try DynamoAutomation

Thanks Tomasz, that looks great. However, I was hoping for Document.BackgroundOpen in the Rhythm package.

that should work, but will be difficult for something like this as the family has to be loaded into the model and you need to use that Element type and to work with the elements in the linked document not the ones in your current document.