Copy tags from linked model to a host model

In Revit we have the ability manually to copy labels from a linked model and paste them into a host model. Only we have to select the labels one by one. What can be long …
I would like to dynamically select several labels at once and be able to copy / paste manually.
I have no problem doing this with 3D elements, using nodes such as “CopyFromLinkInstance” but when I try to copy labels, it does not work.
Do you have an idea?

What is the category of the labels? Are they hosted or not? They could also be view-based elements …
I think your best bet is to recreate them in your project using their location, using the familyinstance creation nodes that accept views as inputs. Depending on the category and type of the labels/tags, you can transfer the family/types to your project and then recreate them using the original info from the link (location, parameters, etc) on the specified views.