Tagging all rooms of linked model(s) in floor plan views

I have a graph that is more or less working, thanks to this link: http://dynamobim.org/forums/topic/room-tag-from-the-linked-file/, except that the actual room tags do not appear in the model. Dynamo says it completed, points are created in the model where the room locations are, and the tags can even be selected in Revit from the project browser using ‘Select All Instances’, but the tags themselves never actually are visible in the views.

I have confirmed that it is not a shared coordinates issue; host model and linked model have the exact same PBP and SP.

I am requesting help with troubleshooting what this could be. Thank you.

Wheres your script?

I am a new user on the forum and it is not allowing me to upload my script.

Here is screenshot. I am trying two ‘approaches’: the lower definition operates on one linked model at a time and the upper operates on all linked models at once.

I was trying to replicate your error but got a new one instead:

I get the same error even with the OOTB Tag.ByElement node.
Anyways excuse the dumb question but what happens if you try to tag those rooms manually? Do you see the tag? Are the room tags visibile?

That node wont work the way its hooked up. If you want to tag rooms from a linked model please provide input for LinkInstance. That will allow this node to grab the proper linked document.

I’m sorry to take other this thread but even if Iconnect a revit instance or doc into the “LinkInstance” input I still get the same error. I posted that picture just because I wanted to recreate GPnmulder’s graph

Thanks for the help. I can tag them manually no problem. Everything works as expected using ‘Tag All Not Tagged’…

Konrad, thanks for the input. I was hoping that was it and I had just overlooked something simple. I am not getting GregX’s error, but the room tags are not visible either; just blue dots on plan. I can select the room tags from the project browser that it thinks were placed, but they are not visible in plan.

It is entirely possible I have still not wired up the graph properly. Can I just wire the link instance from the ‘GetDocuments’ node to the ‘CreateAnnotationTag’ node? That is what I tried.

I am trying to achieve tagging of all rooms across linked models on all floor plans in host model. In my testing I only have one linked model however.


I’m having the same problem as above. I can generate all the points where the room tags should be placed. By feeding in a single floor plan view, I can create tags on that view. However, when I feed in a list of views, the tags do not appear. Selecting all instances in entire project shows several tags, but they are not visible in the model at all. Any ideas?

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