Surface points 2 point attractor

I’m trying to combine two list to get one list to feed Circle.ByCenterPointRadiusNormal node. I have 2 points and the circles should spread based on the distance from either center point, I have both points working individually using an if node but I cant seem to figure out how to combine the two lists as one and get the center points of circles to read which is its closest point. I tried droping everyothe point but didnt get the result I am looking for.

Unrelated, but as an example, I have a revit family that works the way I want but I cant figure out how to do in dynamo.

Any help would be appreciated.

Perforated Screen v2.3.dyn (23.8 KB)Panel 2 points.rfa (2.1 MB)

List.MinimumItem and Crossproduct Lacing are your friends in this case. Note that this will work just as well with more than two attractors.

Perforated Screen v2.4.dyn (23.6 KB)

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Thanks @Andreas_Dieckmann

This is exactly what I needed.

I got a little further by taking the two Math.RemapRange nodes, creating a list, transposing, then sorting with cross lacing and then listing last with cross lacing and wiring to radius of circle but it still didn’t give me what I expected,

Thanks Again!