Surface point at parameter - Cross Product Lacing and Sublists


question short version: can cross product lacing work only between corresponding levels of lists when both inputs are connected to one nod - here - surface point at parameter? The way I experience it its mixing all sublists.

I’m building a form in Dynamo. Its consists of 10 surfaces. I would like to divide them with Surface point at parameter do build Revit panels based on that. The surfaces 0-9 are grouped small to big. I would like to split them all into 4 equal pieces at V parameter and for U I would like to split it into different number depending on the surface size.

It works if I do each surface separately but it makes it a lot of nodes. So I’m trying to do it with lists and one surface at parameter node.

To use Surface point at parameter I need to use cross product lacing. The problem is if I do that for each surface it would cross V with U’s for all the surfaces. What I would like to achieve is surface 0 would only cross lace with U points from list 0. I think the way its organized the surface levels should match with U lists levels. Not sure if its clear


You can make a more specific cross-product with code blocks. I think this is what you need?


Works like a dream! Thank you! Could you point me where I can read about what you did in this code block and how is it different from the nod?


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You could check out and the Dynamo sample files, as suggested in this post. That’s what I did anyway :slight_smile: