Any problem before? ;Two different Circle Nodes

Dear Revit/Dynamo Experts, I had a problem on Geometry.DistanceTo, but could resolve it with Vikram’s big help. Ultimately what I try to do is to make perforated panel where size of perforation can vary based on the distance from a certain location on each panel. While exploring by myself, I found two nodes (Circle.ByCenterPointRadius & Circle.ByCenterPointRadiusNormal) for creation of circle are working different way “Circle.ByCenterPointRadius” can dictate the varying radius of circle, but not on the surface. Conversely, “Circle.ByCenterPointRadiusNormal” can create circle on the surface, but in the same radius, and “Circle.ByCenterPointRadiusNormal” needs the different center point than “Circle.ByCenterPointRadius”. I am not sure if it is Dynamo version issue or list manipulation. hmmm… If you can share your insight with me, it will be greatly appreciated. For your reference, Revit, Dyn and screen capture are attached. Thank you very much for your help in advance.

Here are Revit and Dyn files.Two different Circle nodes

Perforated panel