Help about Adaptive Component by Points

Hello, anyone can help me out the warning of the component?
I was trying to create a simple adaptive surface with three points, it works when I just create it from Revit, but when I use the adaptive components it gives me the warnings as “AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints operation failed. The arguments have issues”. It is such a simple family. I’m desperate.

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Hi @qinhengz ,
what’s the error message? Just a very wild guess: maybe the order of your point list is the problem. If you share your adaptive family you’ll probably get some better help.

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In addition to a possible points order not matching your AC, the other problem you have is flattening your point list - it needs to be 2D i.e. a list of lists, and rectangular, otherwise the AdaptiveComponents.ByPoints node will fail (‘rectangular’, in the context of arrays, means an equal number of objects per sublist). Also, check the data type hints by hovering your cursor over the node inputs. Where you see hints like this:

point requires a point
point[] requires a 1D list of points
point[][] requires a 2D list of points (this is what the AdaptiveComponents.ByPoints node hint shows)
point[]..[] means any data structure is permissible, even jagged arrays


It seems like new users can’t upload attachment. But here’s the screenshot for the family, it’s just three adaptive points to create a surface. I’m going to make a facet roof, I wish to link the points or curves to dynamo so that any updates can be automatically shown in Revit, Or is there a way to import surface or create roof elements from Dynamo? I can create solids from Dynamo but it will need some manual edit to make roofs.

As for the error, it says “The arguments have issues”.

Thanks for your help.

As mentioned above try feeding the Flatten list into a Chop node and set the length to 3. If this fails try re-arranging the order of points entering the List.Create node.

Thanks! the chop node works.Do you know where I can find more information about the data structure for Dynamo? I’m a little confused for it.

The best sources for learning list structures would be Dynamo Primer and although a little out dated the Dynamo Language document.

i have the same problem , i am trying to spread adaptive triangle on this 3 curves but its not working out , and am getting the same error …
it seems true that new users cant upload photos

kefak mostafa
3ndi nafs mshkeltak hoon la2et 7l lal el meshkli ?

Hi @aboodnoah , I’m good thanks :slight_smile:
have you tried list.chop as suggested above?

Are you trying to place (1) 3-point Adaptive Component (AC), with 1 point hosted on each of 3 separate curves? OR Are you trying to place 3 ACs, each with all 3 points on a single curve?