Finding a way to list the interaction points

I am looking for a way to list the 4 interaction points of each vertical line and horizontal circle. The goal is I will be able to put a 4-point adaptive component in the Revit environment. Could I have some suggestion of what Dynamo nodes I can try?

SKIN_02.dyn (73.9 KB)

this is how to proceed

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Thanks for the quick response. I got the result but it is not exactly the same. Could you zoom out the image some more. I might have missed something outside the image.

I see. It is the lacing cross products.

It doesn’t seem Revit will let me apply the adaptive component within the Revit environment. Does it mean the only way is applying the family from Dynamo?

I have tried List.Flatten and List Transpose. The listing doesn’t seems right for the dummy 4-point adaptive component. Maybe I don’t actually understand how the connection work. Any suggestion?

SKIN_03.dyn (83.4 KB)FIN_02.rfa (384 KB)

I think I got the right nodel. List.Chop.

you can use list.flatten at 3rd level, or list.Map

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Your solution is more straightforward. I like it.