Sum Area

I would like to calculate to dynamo the sum of the volume areas according to the volume color and collect them by coloCapture

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What are these boxes?
Is this in Revit/Civil3D/some other app?
How are these elements/objects getting their color?
Do they belong to same/different families?

The point I’m trying to make is you need to provide a little more than just a sentence for us to help you out

Bonjour j ai utilisé Revit famille volume in situ.J ai affecté les couleurs en utilisant l outil peindre de Revit et je voudrai classer les surfaces des volumes qui ont les mêmes couleurs et calculer leur Somme et l afficher dans une liste

“Hello I have used Revit family volume in situ I have assigned the colors using the paint tool from Revit and I would like to classify the surfaces of the volumes that have the same colors and calculate their Sum and display it in a list”

To make sure the google translation is correct, are you referring to this?

You may want to create a Parameter to match the color. If you do, you can schedule it without using Dynamo.


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@bichricad28 If you can share your Revit file, I can take a look at it.
If not, List.GroupByKey is the node that should help you out.

Merci pour la réponse je vais essayer ce script

Tu peux faire ce quantitatif sans passer par Dynamo. Une fois tes faces peintes avec un matériau, tu peux récupérer les surfaces associés à ce matériau via un relevé de matériaux multicatégorie.

You can have this take-off straight from revit. Once the faces painted, you can create a Material Takeoff Schedules that will give you the surface for each individual material applied.

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