Geometry Surface in Dynamo

I’m trying to get the top surface area of the in-place mass family in Revit. It’s coming very different in Dynamo.
Please suggest.

Revit 2019 file
Top Surface Area_R2019.rvt (1.7 MB)

Maybe try a longer way, like select element, get the geometries and so on. Not straight directly from the Revit surface.

Please share your Dynamo file too. I didn’t have any trouble.


I think he is talking about that like pumpkin geometry.

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Same issue with element.geometry too.

Yes this geometry. It appears when we select top face of the model component.

I believe you might have selected the bottom face which is coming fine for me as well.

your in-place family need to remodel. check the family, try to recreate from the generic family template for testing.

Tried redrawing the sweep and voids but same problem. I got another kind of similar model component in the project for which the Dynamo geometry appears fine.

AutoCAD doesn’t recognize it as 3D solid. Whereas the other similar component is fine.