How to calculate the volume of the area where the material is set

I am always looking for reference.
When creating a family, has anyone created a node that calculates the volume for each part that has a material set?
As an example, let’s say I created a family of wall mirrors.
I would like to create a graph that calculates the volume of each material, such as the volume of the wood part, the volume of the glass part, etc.
I would appreciate your response, including whether it is possible to create a graph.

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Certainly possible, but without more insight into how you’re creating the the family it’s hard to say how to best move forward. Assuming you’re sending multiple geometries with a matching set of materials into a node to create new families you can likely just call the volume and area of the geometry in Dynamo prior to sending the node, and setting parameter values of the family type upon creation.

We have tentatively created a “wall mirror” familie. With this family, it is faster to calculate because the shape is simple, but it is difficult for complex shapes. I would like to calculate the volume of each material in a familie created in this way.
wall mirror.rfa (320 KB)

Hola amigo @YOSHIKATSU_MATSUURA buenas. I think you are confusing the concepts, the volume depends only on the geometry of the part, volume is a concept of geometry, in dynamo is easy to ask the volume of a solid (technicly only solids have volume).

Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for answering. Is it possible to sort the material by each solid that you have set up?

Amigo @YOSHIKATSU_MATSUURA, if you are working with different materials and want to group by material maybe you should look for topics for dictionarys functionalities and once your solids grouped ask for his volume, although frankly I think you would get the same result with a schedule, but it’s good exercise to improve your skills in dynamo, good luck!! :wink:

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Thank you very much.

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Is nothing broo, let us know if you achiv it or if you need more help!! :wink:


I think I’m almost there, but I feel I need to be a little more savvy. I will do my best. Thank you very much.