Area and volum

Hi guys

I am making a script that will give me area and volum information from a selected element, but…

  1. I cant figure out how to get the volum info from the selected element

  2. I want to be able to chance coulor when i Select for exemple code Block 1( at this point every code block is showing the same coulor).


Area and volum

What are the element you are selecting?

Are you trying to add colors in Dynamo or in Revit? Coloring each surface in Revit won’t work.

Can you elaborate a bit more on what you are trying to do?

Yes ofc

The element Iam selecting is a concrete wall( se Picture) and is part of a bridge, abutment I think it is called and I want to get the volume from this element.

the second question: I want to add color in dynamo, the blue wall that is shown in the Picture, I want to be able to chance that .

To get the Volume use Element.GetParameterValueByName and use the Select Model Element.

For the color, are you trying to add a color for each face?



thanks for answer

Yeah, I want to chance the color for each face that Iam selecting With the code blocks