Placing Adaptive Component to Divided Surface by Dynamo

Hi guys…

i have just started using Revit/ Dynamo after spent couple years in Rhino and a little bit of Grasshopper.
while i 'm working on Revit with Adaptive component, i found that would be great if i can set up dynamo to place adaptive component to save my life.

basically, what i have done is… i have created nodes by intersecting between floor lines (Levels) and panel module lines (at the bottom of building) and i have placed 4points, 3points, and 5points adaptive component manually for these all elevations of building which was very painful.

below left side image is what i have done manually, right side is the attached file.

i know how to do similar thing in rhino / grasshopper but since i’m very new to dynamo, if somebody can guide me, that would be greatly appreciated.

eventually, i also like to divide surface using dynamo as well. but i think this is my first step.

Dynamo Mass.rfa (816 KB) Typical Panel_Glass_Mullion_3p.rfa (404 KB) Typical Panel_Glass_Mullion_4p.rfa (428 KB) Typical Panel_Glass_Mullion_5p.rfa (404 KB)

Why not use use an adaptive repeater for this? 99% of your panels are quads, with maybe two exceptions (I could be counting wrong though).

File performance will likely be better, and you will maintain parametric relationships to the mass instead of having to make new panels from scratch every time there is an update, or manually run the graph again managing element bindings.