Heip!:Adaptive components

Hi guys

I want to use the "Adaptive components by points" node create a parametric surface,such as the pattern shown in attachments.is that possible in Dynamo? thanks!Any help will be appreciated.



Hi Andreas

Your answer is really helpful,I like you,hah

Thanks again!!



Hi Aaron,

the short answer is: Yes.

Some links to get you started:

  • Watch this video series, particularly videos 3A & 3B (which show how to set up a basic reactor in Dynamo) and videos 4A & 4B (which show how to place adaptive components in Dynamo) - you can also read about it here.

  • Additionally, you might also want to look at this thread that shows how to change the instance parameters of components after/while placing them.

  • If you have trouble building a reactor component, look here and here.