Struggling with data logic in Navisworks - Looking for help :)

Hello All,

I am trying to use Navisworks to compare 2 different versions / revisions of a model (Using the built in ‘Compare’ tool) and then I need to export a list of Revit Element ID’s for each Set that was created by the ‘Compare’ tool.

The problem i am facing is that i can’t force the Selection Inspector to show only objects. So when i select everything in the view some of the elements are ‘Collections’ rather than ‘Objects’ and therefore it’s not reporting the object parameter information (Revit ID, Family name etc.)

Is there any way to force the selection inspector to list all OBJECTS in the view, or maybe there is a better way to achieve what i’m trying to achieve?

See the image at the bottom, this is the issue i’m facing, i’ve tried altering the “Selection Resolution” but that has not worked unfortunately.

My process is,

  1. load in both NWC files (Old / new revit model NWC)
  2. Select both in the Selection Tree and use/run the compare tool
    then lets say i wanted to export a list of everything that changed since the ‘old’ model, i would…
  3. Select the ‘Set’ (Created from the compare tool) that contains all “Differences” in the new model.
  4. right click in view and invert the selection and then hide those elements (Leaving me with the elements that have differences only)
  5. Select all these elements in the view and look at the Selection Inspector (Which has been setup with the parameters i need to obtain
  6. Notice that some rows are missing data as they are ‘Collections’ not objects :frowning:

This is the problem i have:

I’m intending to export this data (As a CSV to excel) so that i can create a string of Revit ID’s for mass selection in revit.