Listing categories and their elements based on a specific view


Dear friends

I am trying to filter my 3D views based on Naviswork view, get all elements of Naviswork View, get the categories of all elements, and filter each category and try to get the elements of selected category. But the number of elements with for example wall category based on my Naviswork view in Revit is less than the elements of categories (Plz find the attached pic). I am pretty sure that I am wrong with the end part of my script. The correct number of elements with Walls category is 268 elements but at the end I have 316 Wall elements.

Could u please tell me where the problem is?

Thank you


You are using Filter.ByBooleanMask with the wrong input. You need to connect All Elements in View to List, instead of the Parameters. You can then delete the yellow marked part.


Something like this, of course the selection input are based on your navisworks view:


Thanks @lucamanzoni for your response and help. It works now.