Selecting Revit elements by imported ID

Hi guys,

I have a list of viewports ID in an excel file, how can I select in Revit by these IDs ?

The story goes like this, someone by mistake changed around 2000 viewports viewtype “no tittle” to “section type”; now I had to go back in a old local file export in excell all viewports that have “no tittle” viewtype; once I know what viewports were I can change them back to original, but how? I can’t find the specific node to do just that; any hints?



In a code block:
Revit.ElementSelectorById( Id, true)
case sensitive

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Hi Marcel, thanks for the reply;

This is what I get:

What am I doing wrong?

Warning: Internal error, please report: Dereferencing a non-pointer.

There is some more info here

Can you try a couple of Id’s in Revit itself? Manage>Select by Id?
If nothing is happening it might be due to changed Id’s.
This mostly occurs by changing/adding worksets.

Maybe this will help?

I dont know if you want to select the elements in revit… if you do you could temp. isolate your list of elements by ID like i did in this example.

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Sorted, I found another post with the same issue

Cheers boys!