Error when creating selection set in naviswork!

Good day.
I am trying to create a selection set of elements from an ID.
The issue is that I don’t know if the process is correct…? since when importing the XML file in NAVISWORK it gives me an error… could someone please help me… I attach the revit file and dynamo file.

Example_1.rvt (6.2 MB)

Hello @AM3D.BIM.STUDIO …Zhokoven package had a node for that and should work…you could try see how he had do it…

Zhukoven is the name :wink:

Thank you for your suggestion…
I followed your suggestion… I don’t know if I’m entering the entries correctly… but what happens now is that I can’t see the selection of elements that are inside the set created… why???

…try something, searchsetname and groupname is up to you

The Id is not a property of the element and therefore I think it doesn’t exist…
Seeing the image you shared, I suppose that each NAVISPROPERTIES is the category… and NAVISPARAMETER is the parameter, how do I know if it’s a revit filter, right…??

Wotks fine here

PS its searchset we create not selectionset

I followed all the steps according to what he told me but I still haven’t made the selection…
Maybe it has something to do with the way we export naviswork or some particular configuration… Would you be kind enough to show me its configuration… Maybe I need to activate some option to display the selection??

Hi difficult to say then,here is my export settings from revit…

I was comparing the export settings and there is no difference…
I was wondering what version of REVIT, DYNAMO, NAVISWORK are you using…?? Is Naviswork Management???

I test on revit 2022 Navis 2022, but should work in 2021 as well,now i tried on your file and still work as expected…so very strange

could you share your xml ?

Here I leave the XML.
I have saved it in TXT. to be able to upload it… but the content doesn’t change??
File Set selection_1.txt (5.4 KB)

thx…yeps seems navis dont like that language is it spanish ? here is the difference…

so try export in dynamo as i showed with “Id” and “Element”;

Why is it not the same REVIT ID that passes to NAVISWORK --… apparently there is a change and I suppose that is why it does not recognize it??
The same thing happens with the IDs of your file??

have just checked it should be the same element id…

I am trying to do it manually to be able to see if it is a problem with my NAVISWORK because apparently the IDs exist and are part of the element ID category.
The problem seems to be that it lies in not being able to select several elements… any idea how to correct it…??

Did you try as i suggest with id and element…then it will work…hopefully…

Im not really sure what you mean with that

Hello colleague … I wanted to thank you enormously for your help and I also wanted to tell you that I have managed to find the solution …
The problem that occurred lies in the way in which it is exported from REVIT to NAVISWORK, here I share some screenshots for those people who might experience the same thing…
Thank you all again…

I felt that I would go crazy … all because of a config … hahaha …

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Happy it could work. never go crazy :rofl: