Struggling Using this Stadium Setup from Dynamo

Hi everyone!
I’m an MIT Computer Science student. I’m trying to dab in the world of using Dynamo with revit. My current version is Revit 2017 and I’m doing a case study on stadiums.I was wondering if someone could please help me figure out what I am doing wrong here! I have the families and the dynamo file that was given to me by an expert. Unfortunately, they seem (to be nice) out-of-pocket and unable to help.

To make matters WORSE, I cannot even upload my files since I am a new user! Therefore, I was wondering if anyone had a stadium template that works for Revit 2017 and dynamo?

I even tried using this one and IT does not work!:

I’m trying to have this completed before my presentation on Thursday. Please help!! :frowning:



Hi @taustin

You could upload the files in google drive or dropbox and share the link here.

Here it is again, please help if you guys can!

Thanks :slight_smile:)