Trouble with Dynamo Script

Hi there,

I’m not sure why, but I seem to be struggling with making this script work with Revit 2017? Can someone please help me with this? What am I doing wrong? Are the Dynamo scripts outdated?

Still having trouble uploading the files here, but I’ll reply with the link below.

Please help as I am SUPER worried!



Hi @taustin

Which script your talking here? Drop your script here.


Here you go, brother:

Basically, I do not know why, I cannot seem to make this script work in 2017 mainly bc its slightly outdated.

@taustin Try this file Issue - Point-Adjustable Stadium Template.dyn (73.5 KB)

I have fixed it.

Arrrghhh! I still cannot get it to work!
I have attached pics below. I can see the lines, but there are a ton of errors.
Even the families are not showing up in revit.
What am I doing wrong?

Did the objects show up in Revit for you?

@taustin That’s because that script is quite old. There are many node changes. You need to update the script. I would suggest you first study the functions of each nodes and start creating on your own stadium.

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ok :frowning: