Dynamo versions

Hello everyone,

I currently have the following installed versions of Dynamo:

  • v1.33
  • v2
  • Dynamo Studio 2017

2 Questions

  1. How do I get revit to run Dynamo studio with all the revit nodes instead?
  2. Does anyone have suggested ways to clean this up?


Dynamo studio is not for Revit. It’s a stand alone version that will not use the Revit API.

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Thanks for the reply @Nick_Boyts! Does that mean that theres no way to allow dynamo studio to “talk” to revit directly?

I don’t believe there is.

Thanks @Nick_Boyts !

If theres anyone else that have opposing thoughts to these , please do share!

That is the case. You have to use a go-between to create this functionality.

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Hey @jacob.small! Is FormIt the go between you’re talking about?

I don’t know much about FormIt but I don’t think that will be very effective. The usual file formats like .xls, .txt, .csv are probably your best bet.

Formit could also work if you’re driving massing. There are many options depending on the use.