New Dynamo Downloads Page

Hello Dynamites,

To better represent the overall landscape of Dynamo, we have updated our page to reflect all of the applications within which you can use Dynamo.

As more host applications become available this page will be updated :slight_smile:

Each of these applications have their own forum tag, so feel free to tag host-specific questions appropriately so that the right people see them.

Note: If you are seeing weird text overlap artifacts then your cache will be holding on to the old version. Please force-refresh (i.e control + Click refresh on Chrome) to fix it!


Nice update, but maybe worth splitting the dynamo for revit version or adding a link to the revit primer page for versions(


Revit 2017 to 2019 - Dynamo version 2.0.3
Revit 2020 - Dynamo version 2.1

Also should the current max version for revit 2017 to 2019 be version 2.0.3?

Note: I have submitted a dynamo primer github update to update the dynamo for revit versions and there associated links(


@Brendan_Cassidy This is more high-level than that - focused upon where you can find Dynamo generally - and as you mentioned the Primer is a better place to contain the matrix of Revit vs. Dynamo versions :slight_smile:

The above link will point towards the latest version of Dynamo for each host-integration.


Hello! Could you tell me please how I can download Dynamo for Revit on the updated page? Thank you in advance!

Hello Anna Yu,

From Revit 2020 onwards, there will be no more manual updating of Dynamo inside Revit :slight_smile: It is now a feature of Revit and is built during the Revit build phase (Which means it’s been tested against all the new Revit stuff!).

If you are in a Revit version prior to Revit 2020, then you can still download the legacy builds from: There are two types of builds there now, the older Revit installers and the new Sandbox release:

Legacy Revit installers will be in the .exe format (An installer) and the Sandbox release is in the .zip file format (Run from wherever you unzip it).



I have tried downloading the sandbox installer and I have unzipped the package.
when I click on DynamoSandbox.exe nothing happens… I also don’t get an error message…

I tried:

  • Running it as an Administrator
  • Moving the entire folder to ‘Program files’.
  • Removing the files in ‘C:\Users\idevers\AppData\Roaming\Analytics’ (based on a suggestion on this forum that worked in that case).

I am on an Windows 10 Azure virtual Machine…

Am I missing something obvious? Help would be much appreciated. Can’t wait to start to explore Dynamo…


Hi @ilya-Devers checkout this page:

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Hi @Michael_Kirschner2,

Thanks for pointing that page out. That was indeed the obvious things that where missing. I suspect it was the DirextX component.

thanks a lot.

I checked here
but there is no download link.

Where can we download dynamo for revit 2018?

Try this:

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Yeah… Just trying to get Dynamo updated from 2.0.1 to 2.0.3 for REVIT 2019 from that page is confusing. Part of the confusion stems from the fact our IT guys need to install it. (They’ve completely locked access to the program folder for all users at my firm). So while it’s partly clear to me why one product has 6 different types of downloads, talking the IT people through it… well… we’re already on day 2… I think it can be made much more clear which version is current for which platform.

Assuming you have seen (and shown the IT guys) the chart here?

Also the page above may have had another update so clear the cache. :slight_smile:

Hello @PerfectArchCo - the downloads page has now been updated to further clarify how Dynamo interacts with Revit.

Within this update there are two links - one explaining how Dynamo and Revit work together for Revit 2020 and beyond, and the other a link to our Dynamo Builds page.

In terms of finding the right version of Dynamo for a particular Revit version, please do refer to the Dynamo primer Dynamo/Revit matrix that @JacobSmall linked and then download the appropriate DynamoInstallX.X.X.exe file from the Stable Builds section of Dynamo Builds as shown below.

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