Structuring the inputs of a custom node

Hey Folks,

is there a way to structure the inputs of a custom node? When creating a custom node it always seems that Dynamo sequence them randomly. Not from A to Z, and I can’t define the sequence myself it seems!

Thank you in advance…


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Hi Michael,

The input nodes are sorted in order of creation. You could try re-creating the inputs to set them in your desired order.

Hi there,

this isn’t very handy but at least a workaround. Thanks Dimitar!

I just created my first small custom nodes. I also recognized that sometimes they suddenly stop working! Then I reload my dynamo file and they seem to work fine again until something unexpected happens and they don’t work anymore! I don’t have any lists in my custom nodes, only a flattening node in the beginning.

Did you experience similar behavior in your nodes Dimitar and do you or anyone else have any hints or suggestions to make them as solid as possible.

Thanks again…Regards,