Custom Node flipped inputs

so i created a custom node to allow for inputs for Feet/whole inch/fractional inch and then it would convert to a decimal output for setting lengths/elevations in Revit. (i am too lazy to convert every time)

all went well until i saved the node and then reopened dynamo later. now all of my inputs are flipped upside down? it was fine before i rebooted dynamo.

the values i used to input stayed in the same order but now they were connected to the wrong inputs.

see screenshots attached.

feetinchconversion flippednodes

I have same issue. Happened after I created a new node from copied elements.

Is there a way to order inputs?

It seems like the order of the input nodes in custom blocks is determined by oldest to newest (in terms of when they were got in)

Try the following steps…

  1. Delete all input nodes in your custom node

  2. Insert one Input node and name it Feet

  3. Insert the next Input node and name it Inch (whole) and so on…

In all probability the order of the nodes should be Feet, Inch (whole)…

I had this happen on a Custom Node I was working on and Dynamo certainly orders the Input nodes in order of creation…but instead of having to recreate the nodes from scratch I found an easier solution.

  1. Delete the Input nodes in order from last to first.

  2. Then use the undo (Ctrl + Z) to undo the deletions, and it will recreate the Input nodes in order from first to last…

They should now be in order, and saves having to recreate the nodes…

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Thank you. It saved me :wink: