Input order - Dynamo Player

I know there was a topic going on about this back in 2018, are there any changes since then? I have several huge scripts with input orders that I’d like to change for the Dynamo Player, any good ways to do this?
Copying nodes and deleting old ones seems to still get confused with the order in the Dynamo Player after doing a lot of them? :confused:
Opening the .dyn file with notepad ++ and changing the order of these lines shown on the picture below, seems to not change anything in the Dynamo Player. (Also couldn’t find the dropdown menu nodes) Am I looking at the wrong lines in the notepad++ file?

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This is the method I have used for awhile now. FWIW the UI++ nodes in the Datashape package will likely prove to be more user friendly for your end users, and you get to pick the order explicitly.

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It could be that I just miss a few nodes everytime I try to organize them, it’s a huge script after all :sweat_smile: I will give those packages a try, thank you!

Best to keep inputs all the way on the left and group them. Helps avoid that issue. :slight_smile:

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Datashapes all the way. :partying_face:


Yep, seems like I kept missing some nodes. Grouped them all to the left and started using this method again. Working with the Data-shapes would have been more work I guess.

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