Custom node input changes list structure

I am confused on how custom nodes receive their input values. In the example below, I have a simple input node which should receive a single integer value and push it through the custom node. What is happening instead is that the input node repeats the integer input to match the list structure of another input (in this case, sheetelevations). This same issue is manifesting itself on all of my inputs for the node.

Can anyone explain what is happening or point me in the direction of resources that could better shed light on Input rules and logic for custom nodes?



It seems the first input for the node propagates its list structure to the other input nodes:

Is there a way that I can disassociate this relationship such that each input node retains their original list structure?

the custom node is replicating over the inputs lists (since your lacing is set to auto) and because your inputs have the type var.

If you don’t want custom nodes to replicate over any input, then set all the types to :var[]..[].


Awesome, that was exactly it Michael. Thank you for the solution!

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