Structural Foundation by Curve

I’m trying to place a Line Based Family with the category set as ‘Structural Foundation’ using the ‘Clockwork - FamilyInstance.ByCurve’ node. My script works in terms of where I would like the foundations got be placed (curves by start and end points) but it ends up placing all the foundations at the Project Base Point 0,0,0. (see image below)

If I change the Family Category of the family to a Generic Model, it works just fine

So I opened up the Python Script and found a line at the bottom of the code that says:


Would this be the issue? I’m puzzled as to why we wouldn’t be able to place structural elements by curve.

Maybe, not sure. Just try it. Change it to Structure.StructuralType.Footing and see what happens…

That’s exactly the issue. When you change the StructuralType.NonStructural to StructuralType,Footing then it should be fine. The NonStructural type is good for line based generic models.