FamilyInstance. ByPoint: Family instances cannot be accurately placed on points

As you can see, in my point coordinates, xyz is always 10, but the x coordinate seems to be locked and has not moved, Even if I manually drag and drop, I cannot move in the x direction. I’m curious why? Among them, family type is my customized framework family

@2899778163 ,

when it is a beam it is line based object… can that be the reason? Start/Endpoint



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We can’t say for certain without know how your family is setup. As @Draxl_Andreas pointed out, this probably isn’t the correct way to place your family if it’s a beam. The family might be reference plane based and therefor locked to a plane. It could be oriented along the wrong axis. Or it may just be constrained. There are a number of possibilities.


Thank you for your reply! My family is a metric structural framework family - beams and foundations, not a line based family. If that’s the case, how should I find the cause of the problem?

When creating the family, it opens like this

Only that 3000 is red in the constrained view