String from list with different separators? (for PDF naming)

Hi people.
I’m very new in Dynamo so I hope you all can help me with my problem.
I’m working on Archi-lab’s naming function and i got everything to work but I would really like to have 2 different separators (if possible)?

Below you can see an image of how it looks now.

What do you mean by “2 different” separators? Separator 1 when this, and Seperatur 2 when that? :slight_smile:

I have 3 lists that are now put together with a “Dash”.
List1 - List2 - List3

What i want for the last list is a Dot.
List 1 - List2, List 3

Can you share your graph (.dyn file) or a sample file?

Like this ?

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Yes i want it to look just like that, i just dont know how to do it so everything else still work.

How about this as @CVest proposes? The outputs of your “Get Built in Parameter”,“Get Built in Parameter” and “GetParameterValueByName” is my IN1, IN2, IN3

The build in Function “join” function in python used in the “String From List” cannot unfortunately handle multiple separators.


Just use the code block node as and type in what I suggest or what Jonathan suggest :slight_smile:

This is properly a very stupid question, but how do i make the inputs “IN1, IN2, IN3” in the code block?

That is just simple text without quotations

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Just write them in the code block and they will appear as inputs.

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Thank you so much, it really was that easy!

Thank you so much for the fast answer, it was very helpful!

Please mark as solution then :slight_smile:


To ask where to find the “String From List” node, not present in my library. Thank you